Type of Tours

We create packages to suit your agency's needs. We personalize destinations, hotels, excursions and everything your travelers need to satisfy their budget and expectations.

High range/Premium range

We offer a unique and exclusive service, designed for those passengers who seek excellence in each of its services. We have the best hotels in the cities, personalized transfer service, exclusive attention by the director and manager of the company, and a 24-hour guard during the trip.

These products are 100% tailor-made, thinking of every detail, so that the client only has to enjoy and have a pleasant experience.

Specialized sales agent

Exclusive attention

5 star hotels

Personalized transfers

24-hour guard

Viajes de Alta Gama
Alta Gama 2
Alta Gama 3

Group tours

Our group tours service offers a product designed for groups of travelers to enjoy their experience in Latin America to the fullest.

Taking into consideration every need, this service meets all the requirements for your group of travelers, such as accommodations,  transfers, excursions, tour driver during the tour, meals in the best typical restaurants of each country and destination.

This product was made thanks to our 14 years of experience. We know our clients, we know our destination. We have the best to offer.

Specialized sales agent

Accommodation, transfers and excursions

Typical destinations

Optimized packages

Viajes Grupales
Viajes Grupales 2
Viajes a medida

Customized tour

In our services of customized tours we offer the possibility of adapting to the needs of the client and group of travelers.Whether to add, change or remove some of the products and services we offer in our group departures.

We have a specialized team to offer you the best option for your sale.

Specialized sales agent

Product adaptation

Adaptation of destinations

Viajes a medida
Viajes a medida
Viajes Grupales 3

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